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The Plan.Net Group has completed the 2014 calendar year with a total turnover of 76 million euros – representing an increase of 22.4 percent compared to the previous year. The managed media volume stood at 490 million Euros. This positive result is based on both the acquisition of new customers, but especially in the continuous expansion of business and skills. The growth drivers included, in particular, the areas of e-commerce, media, performance marketing, e-Dialog, social media and mobile.

Munich 13 April 2015 — The Plan.Net group can report a positive annual balance sheet. The Serviceplan Group's digital agency, founded in 1997, increased its gross income in the preceding calendar year 2014 by 22.4 percent to a total of 76 million Euro  (2013: € 62 million). In Germany they reached 67.3 million Euro, an increase of 23.9 percent compared to the previous year (2013: 54.3 million). The media volume grew as well: 490 million Euros gross online spending, of which 449 million were in Germany, were supervised by Plan.Net media worldwide in 2014. This represents an increase of 8.6 per cent (2013: € 451 million total).

The Plan.Net group's core business grew nationally and internationally. The positive result was mainly due to the acquisition of new communications, media and performance accounts, such as from Develey, Avira Operations, Delica, Metro Cash & Carry, Mizuno, FriendScout24 or "e wie einfach", as well as the expansion of business with existing customers. Growth drivers last year also included e-commerce, social media, mobile and e-Dialog.
Successful campaigns and work included the new brand campaign #Kribbeln for FriendScout24, the comprehensive optical and technical revamp of digital measures in  newsletters and mailings for Germanwings, the successful launch of the Hamburg Airport website, the integrated campaign of Serviceplan and Plan.Net Suisse #dreamon for the international market launch of the Café Royal coffee brand of Delica AG, with superstar Robbie Williams, and the alarm clock app for the UN refugee Agency (also in cooperation with Serviceplan).
Another notable campaign was "Five drivers - five continents - one GS" for BMW Motorrad (participating agencies: Serviceplan, Plan.Net, Mediaplus) with which the Serviceplan Group was also awarded the GWA Effie Silver Award in 2014. Bronze was awarded to the Durex campaign "Love as thou wilt" by Reckitt Benckiser. In addition Plan.Net and Serviceplan were successful in March 2015 in the digital creative agency rankings of the German Digital Association, Bundesverbands Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW).
"Given the present countless opportunities in digital communication, our core business field of providing advice and support to our customers has become very well developed. We have implemented many innovative and compelling projects. In addition, we have strategically expanded our portfolio in 2014, especially in big data, content marketing and e-dialogue. With that we are creatively contributing to the significance of digital channels for brand management, CRM and sales. Along with sales growth, the results of the BVDW creative rankings confirm our methods," says Manfred Klaus, Managing Director and spokesman of the Plan.Net group.

Expertise in Digital Commerce

In e-commerce the Plan.Net group was able to expand its business expertise by purchasing the agency hmmh, the specialists in digital commerce and brand communication. The management of hmmh, directors Stefan Messerknecht and Björn Portillo and its locations (based in Bremen) remained after the acquisition in July 2014. The name of the agency and the business have also been retained.
"Our colleagues from hmmh became part of the group very quickly. Since then there have been numerous integration and networking projects. With an experienced team of hmmh consultants, designers and software developers, the Plan.Net Group has become one of the leading agencies in digital commerce. Together we can offer digital end-to-end communication solutions of high quality from a single source. This makes us a strong partner for the challenges of connected commerce. The fusion of physical retail and online shopping is becoming increasingly important for companies. These are concepts we want to provide traders with, particularly in the coming year," said Manfred Klaus.

The Plan.Net group is thus the largest leading digital agency in Germany. In addition, it is one of the largest independent digital agencies in Europe. More than 700 employees work for the Plan.Net group world-wide, 610 of them in Germany.

Study of the effect of multi-screen campaigns

In addition, the Plan.Net group, in collaboration with Mediaplus and United Internet Media, was able to show in a comprehensive study that an elaborate multi-channel approach is needed not only in the commercial sector, but also in marketing. As part of a multi-screen campaign for the shoe dealer Deichmann, campaign effectiveness of simultaneous online and TV was examined. It was demonstrated that improved campaign branding impact is achieved by targeting online multi-screen users. Due to the synchronized play out of online advertising to users who, very probably, had just had contact with the Deichmann TV campaign, significantly higher click-through rates were achieved. In addition, the conversion rate in individuals with multi-screen contact was significantly higher than for those who came to deichmann.com without this contact. Recently, advertising recall and first choice segment could be increased.
Spokesman Manfred Klaus: "Studies of ours such as these are the basis which provides us with predictability and success for our customers. Only in this way can dynamic changes in media use be quickly detected and translated into concrete actions."


Manfred Klaus sees the coming year in a positive light: "Our aim “Creating Relevance” is  our policy for work with our customers. This means for us developing out of a comprehensive brand and audience understanding relevant communication concepts which, in essence, focus on people and their needs. This will secure attention and measurable impact in the complex world of digital communication. I am confident that, on this basis, we will continue to grow in 2015 and expand our market leader position further. The aim is to enlarge our locations in places such as Berlin or Hamburg and also to strengthen the attractiveness of the Plan.Net group as an employer."

About the Plan.Net group

The Plan.Net group is the leading digital agency in Germany. It is also one of the largest independent digital agencies in Europe and is represented in more than 25 international locations, including, apart from Munich, Hamburg and Brussels, locations such as Dubai, Milan, Paris, Vienna and Zurich.
Founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of Serviceplan Group, today Plan.Net covers with its philosophy of "Creating Relevance," all facets of digital, interactive and integrated communications - from campaigns, websites, Internet portals and e-dialogue to media buying and planning, and from content-, social- and search-engine marketing to mobile advertising, including the development of apps for mobile devices.
A total of about 700 employees work worldwide for clients such as BMW, Lufthansa, IKEA, Media Markt, Consorsbank, Reckitt Benckiser, Weight Watchers and ZDF.
Since July 2014 hmmh has also been a part of the Plan.Net group. hmmh is one of Germany's leading agencies for digital commerce and offers, in accordance with its philosophy of "consult – create - care", comprehensive advice and support from the idea through software development to full-service shop support.


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