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Serviceplan and Plan.Net occupy first place in the new Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) ranking. The German digital business association analyzed 23 awards for digital creations.

Munich, 19 March 2015 — Serviceplan and Plan.Net have been jointly awarded the title of best digital creative agency in Germany. The agencies take first place in the new rankings of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW), which, together with the trade publications Horizont and Werben & Verkaufen, analyzed 23 awards for digital creations.

"The concentrated presentation and evaluation of the agency industry's digital creative capacity has been long overdue. The submitted work makes the creative and communicative power of the digital channels apparent." says Manfred Klaus, speaker and Managing Director of the Plan.Net group. "For us, digital creative excellence means 'creating relevance', that is, to develop from a comprehensive understanding of the brand and target group communicative ideas and to implement and engage using the full potential of the media used. The success shows the performance of the agency in integrated digital communications."

Serviceplan and Plan.Net secured the top spot in the rankings with, amongst others, the following submissions:

  • Alarmapp #dreamon for the UNO-Refugee Agency: Waking up with a clear conscience is made possible with the smartphone app #dreamon. It remembers every use of the snooze button. After the tenth "Dream On" it calls on the user to donate one US dollar to the UN Refugee Agency via PayPal.

  • „No Fake Profiles“ for the Online-Dating Site Parship: In PARSHIP each profile is hand-checked. To communicate this, Shazam-Enabled radio ads were first used, which allowed the listener to reveal the true face behind supposedly sexy sounding partner profiles through synchronously running videos.

  • Soundtree for BMW AG: Just in time for Christmas, BMW Switzerland gave the customer a special gift: the BMW Soundtree, which was created using BMW engine
  • Connecting Euro for the Consorsbank and the European Youth Parliament: Connecting Euro is the first social network worldwide that connects people through the Euro. Using the smartphone app or the website www.connecting-euro.org together with the serial number on a bank note, each Euro note can be linked with a message and followed on its journey.

  • Instagram Takeover for Swiss: This social campaign is the first successful use of the photo service Instagram for a sales initiative. If a user's search term coincided with a certain Swiss Flight destination the hashtag based Photo Stream was hijacked. The search results caused Swiss flight offers to appear.

  • „Troy Davis – I am alive“ for Alive e.V.: Troy Davis was executed in 2011 in the United States despite inconclusive evidence. With an online campaign, the organization Alive e.V., campaigns for the abolition of the death penalty worldwide. It gave Troy Davis a voice posthumously to draw attention to the inhumanity of the death penalty and to generate donations. Using letters written by Troy Davis on death row, it created a typeface based on Davis' original manuscript. It can be used by anyone to post a statement on the abolition of the death penalty at www.troydavisisalive.org.

  • Online Display Murder Mystery for ZDF: The ZDF Banner thriller is the first retargeting campaign that tracks users through the Internet and stages a riveting thriller in online banners. The user is tracked through clever targeting tools on the largest websites repeatedly and can thus follow a storyline. Over the live period of one week, the interaction rate rose from 43 percent to 80 percent, and the interaction time increased from 1.23 min. to over 4.5 min.

  • “The Selfscan Report" for Auchan: Auchan proves that a sustainability report can be truly sustainable with the "Self Scan Report". The medium used by one of the largest supermarket chains in Europe is in everyone's hands, the receipt. A barcode wads added, which, when scanned, leads to an app which includes the sustainability repor.



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