Mobile Freight Management


Hauliers worldwide must deal with a host of hardware and software systems in the course of their daily business - the dispatcher must plan routes for drivers, manage the fleet and communicate with drivers. The driver needs to know where their next destination is and for how much longer they are permitted to drive their lorry that day. The accounts department needs to keep track of all working hours and absences and also of border crossings and overnight stays and to record this information appropriately. And then there's the technical infrastructure of the vehicles too: hardware and sensors that are built into the vehicle and constantly deliver data – for example, about the condition of the brakes, the temperature in the trailer and the driver's current driving times. This data is all collected separately and can be retrieved via various interfaces.

This is where Plan.Net comes in, collecting all the data produced by the vehicle and the driver or dispatcher in a central middleware, where it is organised and delivered in context to the respective users. Via a simple user interface on the tablet built into the vehicle, the driver can manage their working hours, receive information about the status of the vehicle and communicate with their dispatch office. The dispatcher plans and manages the routes of their drivers via the web interface and is informed about the location of the fleet in real time and the head office has an overview of key data at all times.

An eco-system for hauliers, logistics companies and parcel services that can be used on existing or completely new hard and software infrastructure.


T-Mobile Austria / Wattaul


Mobile App, Development of Backend and Interfaces, Digital Strategy

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